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Agora Cart Ez-Decorating, Unique Aquarium Decor
by Classic Sea Scapes LLC
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Cleaning Instructions
Do NOT use hot water for cleaning purposes. It can cause the gravel bases to soften. Simply use approximately 10 parts COLD WATER to 1 part bleach. Allow to soak. A soft brush can help remove algae as well.

It is very important to rinse well, again with COLD WATER for best results.

We strongly recommend that you allow washed items to dry for 24 hours. Items must be completely dry to assure no harm to your fish. Bleach and fish do not mix!!!

We suggest a second set of plants that can be ready to use for two reasons: 1) no chance of bleach contamination and 2), after all the work of cleaning your tank, isn't it nice to have a whole new look.

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